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Taren Kaur is a Singer-Songwriter and Kirtan Singer from the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the rich history of music, deep poetic writings and the universal teachings of oneness and equality from the Sikh faith, she creates and sings music accessible to all, no matter which spiritual path one may follow. Taren Kaur performs and composes meaningful, deeply soulful songs, inspiring and connecting with listeners across the world.

Due to her growing popularity internationally, Taren Kaur has had successful tours in the USA, Canada, South-East Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. In late 2019 she had a very successful Asia tour and continues to perform in the U.K on a regular basis.

Taren Kaur creates an immersive experience full of energy in all of her performances, sharing her craft, passion and love for music. Her music touches the hearts of the listener and encourages them to delve deep within. Her soothing vocal range draws in listeners regardless of their faith or cultural beliefs. Taren Kaur breaks down any barriers between people through her accessible soul-entrancing music.